Salvadori Cornici

Since 1971 Salvadori Cornici has been producing wood mouldings for the picture frame market. In all these years Salvadori Cornici has built a name in the market based in “Design & Quality” by producing “trendy mouldings” which differentiate its collections in both profile shapes and finishes. Salvadori Cornici exports at the moment to over 60 countries in all 5 continents.


Since the beginning Salvadori Cornici philosophy has always been “customer satisfaction” which has led our company to become one of the most important not only in the wood moulding market in the world, but also in the distribution of framing accessories, in printing art reproductions and finally in the production of original classic and modern paintings. Salvadori Cornici believes that a framing store is the boutique of the framing world and should me more and more focused on Design and Quality.

Value added

Salvadori Cornici believes in two important concepts which are Passion with its motto “Feel the Passion” and “Made in Italy” which is a sign of quality, innovation and traditions. Thanks to its professional staff Salvadori Cornici combines the traditional handcraft, like hand gilding and hand finishes, with the industrial mentality using advanced machines with extraordinary results.

Lorella Salvadori

Administration Manager

Nerio Salvadori

Purchasing Manager

Giovanni Salvadori

Production manager

Luca Salvadori

Commercial and Marketing Manager